We Americans Can Arm, You Cannot!

The United States of America has a military budget which equals the combined military expenditures of the entire rest of the world. However, the Pentagon is upset. China is ready to launch its first aircraft carrier, and the presence of that lone ship to confront over a dozen American aircraft carriers is “potentially destablizing” according to the Pentagon. A new study reveals dangers to American security.

1. China has an army of about 1.2 million and by 2020 it will be a first class armed force. Of course, it lacks any combat experience and would take years to match the sophisticated ability of the American armed forces.

2. China is building ships. Gee, we have a hell of a lot more ships.

3. China is building some modern fighter planes. Gee, we have a hell of a lot more  than they do and we have pilots with combat experience.

Pentagon, give it a rest. The Chinese are not stupid like we Americans, they will invest in industry and  technology while we fight wars and destroy our economy.