We Are All Bigots Argument

Dallas Maverick owner Larry Cuban has admitted to the world that he is a “bigot.” He admits that he would cross over to to the other side of the street if he saw someone who possessed a hoodie walking towards him. So, Donald Sterling admits that he is a bigot and this deals with the issue of bigotry in life. Inherent in the Cuban argument is that if I am a bigot, then how could anyone be blamed for being a bigot? There are a few problems with this argument.

1. Yes, we don’t like certain foods and have a preference for other foods. That is ALSO an example of bigotry.
2. There is the bigotry against blacks of the worker in a factory even though he works with black men and women. He can rant and rave all he wants against blacks or Hispanics or Jews or Catholics, but he cannot harm them nor deny them of jobs. This is an example of powerless bigotry.
3. Donald Sterling had power to deny higher pay or positions of importance to black skinned people. He CAN and DID deny higher pay to black people.
4. Yes, Mr. Cuban, we all, in some way or another, possess some form of bigotry. However, it remains in our minds, and we do not resort to action about our bigotry. Thus, the only harm comes to ourselves for damaging our capacity to love. NO one else is hurt.
5. In the end, POWER is the key issue in bigotry. Do I possess power to hurt others and do I actually employ that power?