We Are All Corrupt!

It is so refeshing to encounter politicicans who understand that to become a politician is really an invitation to take what you desire from the cookie jar. Brian Binley, a Conservative member of Parliament, was on a pleasant trip to Malta, for some reason that is still not clear. It had something to do with the Maltese Bank of Valletta.and then a few days enjoying the delights of the island, courtesy of the British tax payer. When a reporter asked Binley who funded this please trip to a charming island to do something, he responded, “the British taxpayer, we are totally corrupt.”

How many American politicians receive that wonderful all paid for trip to Israel in order to learn how Jewish Israelis are always right while Arab Isrealis really are not Israelis? The purpose of getting elected is to have a good time — at the expense of those who elected you. Now, how do I get into this gig?