WE Are England!

Joan Edwards was a hard working woman who died at the age of 90 without any living relatives so she decided to leave her money–$888,000– to the people of England, her beloved homeland. The exact words of her bequest were that the money would go to whatever government(that) is in office.” We assume she meant the money would go to the Treasury and be used by the citizens of her homeland. Alas, this is modern politics. Conservative Party leader, Prime Minister David Cameron naturally assumed since his party was in power it would use the money for its own political purposes. Since the Liberal Democrats were his ally, David decided to split the dough with Conservatives keeping $650,000 and the Liberal Democrats the remainder.

His decision caused a fury in Parliament with a Labor member describing this behavior as “dodgy as hell.” Cameron and his buddies decided to turn the money over to the Treasury. They naturally assumed the “people of England” were the politicians who governed the land.