We Are Fighting To Ensure Karzai Remains Top Dog

In a stunning development in Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai defied Western nations whose troops are fighting and dying to ensure that he still has power. Karzai announced that from now on he would appoint the five members of the Electoral Complaints Commission which last year voided some of his illegal votes and forced Karzai into a runoff election. The president has also made clear no longer will foreigners be on this commission and it will be staffed by those who are loyal to the boss man–Karzai, that is. Karzai also made clear to the US there would be no decrees from him in the near future dealing with corruption in government. After all, why have power if you can’t make money out of this position?

At this very moment some wonderful and brave young men and women representing many nations are risking their lives. But, for what? According to Karzai they are in Afghanistan to ensure he controls government and his buddies make money. God Bless Democracy.