We Are Innocent, Says Pakistan!

Pakistan Prime Minister Ysef Raza Gilani took a week before he could utter some profound words of explanation as to why Osama bin Laden was living in his country and no one knew anything about it. He returned to the past in Afghanistan when during the 1980s, the CIA provided weapons and training for the mujahideen who were fighting the communist government of that country. “Who was responsible for making the myth of Osama bin Laden… Pakistan cannot be held to account for the flawed policies and blunders of others… we did not invite al-Qaeda in Pakistan?” He blamed the US invasion of Afghanistan for getting al-Qaeda fighters into the mountains and into Pakistan. In other words, there would not be an al-Qaeda if not for the actions of the United States government. He certainly makes a strong point, but for some strange reason Gilani does not discuss the origin of the Taliban.

The Taliban were created by the Pakistan secret intelligence, the ISI. They recruited young men from madrassas in Pakistan, they equipp.ed them, they sent them to invade Afghanistan, they supported them, they have allowed the Taliban free access to training facilities in Pakistan, and the right to wander around without any discomfort. Gilani made clear his government’s opposition to drone attacks in their nation by foreign planes. Yes, he admitted there had “been an intelligence failure,” but it was as much the fault of the US as it was of Pakistan.

No one can challenge his reasoning on the origin of al-Qaeda, but it is what was NOT said that is the crux of the dispute. Pakistan is the main supporter of the Taliban and this must end–now!