We Are New Jews

Language increasingly is used in rather unusual ways in order to justify any slight directed at a group. In America, Newt Gingrich, who so enjoys condemning liberals or illegal immigrants, views himself the object of persecution by multi-millionaire George Romney. Of course, Newt recently receivedabout $10 million from a supporter but how could this persecuted man compete with the $240 million man Romney?

In Austria, Nazi oriented Freedom Party leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, believes attacks upon him have resulted in making pro-Nazi groups rather like other groups subject to persecution. “We are the new Jews” he declared to the people of Austria. At any moment an army of enemy troops will be marching into Austria and rounding up pro-Nazis in order to ship them to death camps. One of his associates claimed that “whoever works for this ball gets a yellow star pinned on him.”

I get confused. I thought people like Strache adored Adolf Hitler who never killed anyone, they just committed mass suicide. Just remember, make a nasty remark to Strache and you will get a Nazi armband wrapped around your arm.