We Are Watching You!!

James Clapper,director of national intelligence admitted the existence of  a secret system  that seeks to mine the systems of our biggest technology companies in order to spy on millions of people in our to protect Americans against themselves. The National Security Agency uses the talents of google, Facebook and Apple to obain information  about the lives of  citizens in order to make certain that any bad guy out there will be caught and sent to  jail. Clapper insisted the program known as “Prism” only covered communications with foreignefrs and did not target American citizens. Naturally, the justificagtion is that information gathered “is used to protect our nation from a wide variety of threats.”

For over a decade our  government has informed the people of America that they are threatened by many bad people. Our government insists it must protect us against “them.” Naturally, we need to be protected against “them” because if we are not protected then “them” will do something bad to “us.” Of course, the government can not reveal how they protect us against “them” because it is a big, big, secret. If you don’t believe them, there must be something  suspicious about YOU!