I watched the third day of the Republican convention as delegates held aloft signs claiming, “we built it.” This was a rebuttal to President Obama’s claim that business needed help from government to succeed. I did not know that American businessmen built our roads and bridges and ports. Of course, they built the transcontinental railroad– the figure I believe was $200,000,000 from the Socialist government of one Abraham Lincoln and $300,000 from businessmen. But, to be fair, it was businessmen dressed in Chinese clothes and speaking with Irish brogues who build our railroad system–with their own sweat!!

Once again Republicans shout their determination to ignore American history– tariffs to help American businessmen, roads, canals, education so workers were possessed the ability to function in modern factories, banks to provide funding, etc.. I find it ironic that so many Republicans thank God for helping them and then claim they did it alone!! Which is it?