We Can Have Peace In Middle East!

At the recently concluded Fatah convention, younger members were insistent on the importance of negotiations with Israel in order to achieve peace and an independent Palestine. President Abbas made clear he wants to enter into negotiations but insists Israel must abide by the road map and cease further construction of settlements on the West Bank. For the first time in decades a host of Arab nations want peace and recognition of Israel, but what hold up further negotiation?

Four Ministers in the Cabinet of Benjamin Netanyahu urged the Prime Minister to ignore Israel’s previous commitment to the United States to remove 26 unauthorized outposts and urged that those together with a host of other illegal outposts should be termed to be legal. In other words, Israel for years has complained that Arab nations fail to keep agreements, but four Cabinet Ministers are arguing their nation does not have to abide by any agreement!

As Shakespeare put it so well, “the fault lies not in the stars but in yourselves.” The Israelis have met the enemy and he is them!