“We Did It Alone” Says Iraq PM!

Prime Minister Maliki praised the people of Iraq for overthrowing the regime of Saddam Hussein by their own efforts. “Your country has become free.  The faithful sons of Iraq have to preserve its sovereignty and independence.” He went on to describe how Iraqis worked together to get rid of their hated dictator. There was no mention, there was no thanks for the dedicated members of the American military who fought, died or were wounded in the battle against  Saddam Hussein. So glad to know it was all done by the Iraqis.

Maliki not only ignored the role of American and other armed forces, he actually claimed that his regime would treat all people in the land as equals. Even as he spoke, charges were being leveled against leading Sunni members of his government and the stage was being set for more violence. At least America doesn’t have to worry about the impending violence. The Iraq army can handle it by itself.