We Die At Dawn!

The United States Supreme Court ruled a stay of execution for Russell Bucklew who was supposed to die for the act of murder by inhaling lethal drugs. We Americans are the last nation in western civilization that continues to execute people for the act of murder. We continue to believe that society has the right to murder in the name of murder. The current problem in executing people stems from refusal of European nations which produce drugs used in the execution to deliver them into the hands of our guardians of death. Wyoming and Utah may have uncovered a way to resolve this problem. Both states are considering a return to the good old days when bad folk were executed by a firing squad.

The treatment of those who murder is complex. Those who know person X or Y murdered a loved one have normal feelings of revenge. Of course, as Christians, we are told by Jesus to put aside those feelings. Easy to say, difficult to forgive and forget. It is difficult to imagine that in the year 2014 we Americans will sanction a squad of men –and women–loading rifles, aiming and shooting!!