We Don’t Want To Fight No More Say Britons!

The people of Great Britain believed their prime minister, Tony Blair was telling the truth concerning the need for their armed forces to fight in Afghanistan. Eight years have passed and the patience of most Britons has run out. A survey conducted by the newspaper, The Independent, reveals a majority of the country has concluded the war in Afghanistan is unwinnable and their sons and daughters should be headed home. About 52% want the troops home right away and nearly two-thirds of women do not believe there is any such thing as “winning the Afghan war.” The vast majority of people are particularly upset at the poor level of equipment provided fighting men and women.

Gordon Brown insists the UK has accomplished important goals in securing areas in Afghanistan from Taliban control. Of course, the real question is whether those regions are really safe and secure. There is scant doubt after eight years Afghanistan is ruled by corrupt and inefficient leaders who are unable or unwilling to guarantee their people freedom and the basic components of a decent scale of living.