We Got Georgia On Our Mind

The fall out from last year’s conflict between Georgia and Russia has yet to completely come to a conclusion in which all agree on what happened. Georgia’s Reintegration Ministry issued a report which casts the entire blame on Russia for starting the war and that Georgia’s response to “Russian aggression” was “proportionate, necessary and wholly justified.” However, Georgia opposition Conservative Party says it was not Russia, but the Georgia government which provoked the war.

As we recall, the Georgia army headed for South Ossetia where it was met by Russian troops who had entered the area in response to the Georgia attack. Of course, we could be wrong, the Georgia government could be right, the Georgia Conservative party could be right, the Russian government could be right, the South Ossetians could be right, and, of course, George Bush could have been right in claiming Georgia was attacked. Frankly, if the question is whether or not George Bush of Vladimir Putin was right, we would go with a third party. Unfortunately, in this confused mess there is no objective third party.

I guess we should simply leave the entire mess to the objective reporting of Fox News.

  • Tanya

    Georgia since UN left border has arrested Russian Citizen returning from delivery of Georgian Aid Cargo sealed to destination and return with over 100 page charges against innocent driver who has made other trips previously because of this paperwork ? But released his truck and container returned to Russia. Can’t get back to Russia to take care of children while his wife requires life saving surgury in the United States. Driver so terrified won’t talk to Red Cross. Wife receives offers of bribes from Georgia, can’t pay no funds! No info, No Help ! Please assist ?