We Investigate Police Brutality, Sometimes

Once upon a time there was a country in the Middle East known as Israel which was a model of democracy. Did we say, “once upon a time?” Police Commissioner David Cohen told a Knesset committee he had fired 13 policemen during the past year and complained at critics who charged his force with excessive force. As the session proceeded Mr. Cohen became furious when critics who charged police brutality were allowed to be in the room. it was brought to his attention that close to 1,300 complaints had never been investigated. His response was since there apparently was a “lack of public interest” he saw no reason to waste police time investigating anything that was of no concern to the public. Perhaps, these investigations could have revealed information about police efficiency, but of course, that is the sort of thing one does in a democratic society.

It is refreshing to have a police chief who is so honest. Mr. Cohen is definitely honest about his lack of concern for public complaints. Of course this is a man who fired 13 policemen out of a force of 27,000. How can anyone deny this is a man who will fight to defend the rights of Israelis?