We Love Drug Lords!

Senior former prosecutors and assistant US attorneys who worked for the Drug Eforcement Administration have jumped sides in the war against drugs accepting the reality that the United States for nearly a hundred years has been fighting the wrong war. Robert Feitel, a Washingont based attorney admitted: “I’m not embarrassed about the fact that I changed sides.” Feitel and DEA officials like Bonnie Klapper now agree it is time to legalise drugs and accept the reality that current policies have not worked nor will ever work to end drugs in our society. As Feitel admitted, “I no longer wanted to be part of this process.”

What now?

1. Legalise drugs.

2. Have the federal government license stores to sell drugs.

3. Utilize profits from these sales to fund rehabilitation programs for those on drugs.

4. Release from jail those who are in for drug offenses.

Use common sense