We Love Saudis

One of the perks of being an American Secretary of State is the ability to wander the world having wonderful conversations with leaders of other nations that boast of their desire for freedom while engaged in acts that deny freedom. Secretary of State John Kerry has been soothing heads of European nations and pledging that just because the US spies on them it does not mean that it does not love them. He is currently in Saudi Arabia which is furious at actions of the United States and European nations which have the audacity to engage in negotiations with Iran over development of nuclear weapons. Prince Saudi al-Faisal let Kerry know that his nation does not want any nation to interact with the Iranians who are agents of the devil because they are Shiites and oppose the Saudi government. Kerry assured the Prince he is one prince of a guy, but for some reason the US would like to end Iranian nuclear programs.

However, they did enjoy a wonderful talk about how Saudi woman are attempting to take a crack at driving a car. Finally, Kerry and the Prince can focus on important issues of the day. First, they can drive cars, then they can attend a college classroom with a male. Wow, freedom is bursting out in Saudi Arabia.

Now, about those Israelis…