We Moharebs Join Our Iranian Brothers And Sisters!

I confess, I am a mohareb(enemy of God) because if those who claim to represent God in the current situation in Iran have any support from the Almighty, it would be mighty hard to continue believing in the Supreme Being. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who supposedly is a religious leader of his nation, warned those who oppose the Iranian government they are now considered “enemies of God” and they deserve to be executed. Naturally, they would be executed by friends of God who believe expressing love of other humans is a punishable offense. Many members of the opposition including defeated presidential candidate, Mehdi Karroubi were warned to stay off the streets and the government made clear it could not guarantee the safety of any opponent who left his house.

Mohamadreza, head of the thug group known as the Basiji termed those on the streets to be “traitors” and we all know what happens to someone who is a traitor. He made clear that “designers of the unrest will soon pay the cost of their insolence.” To top off the stupidity of Iranian leaders, its foreign minister, Mottaki told the British government if it does not halt its organization of protests in his nation it “will receive a punch on the mouth.”

The Iranian government has lost control of the situation and become desperate fearing riots will escalate into violence against the government. They are all too familiar with the incidents that led to the overthrow of the Shah. Unfortunately, those who believe in the people of Iran realize there is not much we can do other than write of our support.