We Need Kim Jong Un!

My rule in life is under no conditions to watch any TV program in which people sing, dance or perform something that arouses millions of people who inhabit TVLand to yell and scream about their performance. The range of TV shows available for the idiot crowd fills our lives with boring contests as to who is the best-doing something like eating snakes or battling bulls. Ah, but in the fairy land of North Korea a savior has emerged. The head honcho of North Korea, one, Kim Jong-un, apparently shares my views of television. He is rather upset that people desire to watch something other than his nightly talk about life and love or life and the party propaganda. For some reason, people in North Korea got into the habit of watching television from foreign sources. This is not an act that Kim Jong-un believes results in a healthy situation.

There are reports that about 80 people were yanked from their television sets by security police and taken to the town square. Thousands of men, women, and children were rounded up to gave at a contest in which the test was whether a neck could stand up against a rope. They were hung by the neck until dead. I guess this evening all over North Korea folks will pay attention when Kim Jong-un talks about the rice production quota being met.