We Oppose Taxes, Just Not Right Now!

John Boehner most probably is a reasonable guy, but when you have to lead a group of ideologues like members of the Tea Party, then things might get a bit confusing. The party which proclaims it is against taxes, just voted to raise taxes! The Senate passed by a vote of 80 to 10 including most Republicans, an extension of lower taxes on wages, and then went home for the holidays. Initially, Boehner said he agreed, but then talked with fellow Tea Party members and came out against it.

The Wall Street Journal, that noted liberal, radical periodical, blasted House Republicans for playing “thoroughly botched politics” It went on to sadly note, its favorite party had “somehow managed the remarkable fact of being blamed for opposing a one year extension of taxes” that will eventually be passed.

After taking his stand against the Obama plan, John decided, at the last moment, to chicken out.