We Shall Not Be Moved Says Iran!

The government of Iran is run by those who are convinced that God or Allah or someone anointed them to spread truth throughout the world. Iran’s experience being bullied by England and the United States has left,not only a sour taste in their mouth, but a need to openly defy former bosses. Iranian General Mohammed Hejaz sent a message of defiance and threat to the outside world. “We do not wait for enemies to take action against us. We will use all our means to protect our national interests.

I am certain every Iranian newspaper and other forms of media will report this statement in order to demonstrate their country is completely independent from foreign influence. There is no problem speaking loudly, but another to have a large club that goes along with the words. An Iranian attack on its enemies would result in a massive air and naval attack that would lead to the death of thousands of innocent Iranians.

Enough with sounding tough. Now, is the time to support words with actions leading to protection of Iranian national interests.