We Told You About Militant Attacks!

The world spends billions of dollars in order to prevent militant attacks so one might wonder why spend this money if no one is paying any attention to evidence of an upcoming attack. There was a parade two days ago in Nigeria in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of the independent nation of Nigeria. British officials informed the government of their inability to attend the festivities because their Intelligence unit had identified that militants would launch an attack during the parade. As far as Nigerian authorities were concerned, this was a negative attitude and they would not shirk their duties to march Three car bombs blasted those in the parade, most probably set off by members of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta who are protesting refusal to share oil revenues. The media is wondering why their own government failed to ward off the attack which they knew was coming.

Emails were also sent to officials and government officials from the militant group. “For fifty years, the people of the Niger delta have had their land and resources stolen from them,” so the only solution was use of violence to redress their complaints. It fascinates me how we spend hundreds of billions of our money on Intelligence folk who, somehow, rarely identify anything other than the best places to eat lunch. Are Intelligence agents the problem or is it those in authority?