We Torture, Not You, Says Karzai!

President Hamid Karzai insists the United States must return the prison located on the Bargram Air Force base to the jurisdiction of the his government. He is furious, (it took ten years to arouse this fury) at having American interrogators handle the torture of prisoners who are citizens of Afghanistan. He instructed Afghan officials to “complete their job regarding the handing over of the (Bagram) prison and other prisoners who are held by foreign forces.”

He does have a point. How dare Americans torture, mistreat and detain Afghans when their own government can torture, mistreat and detain them? I realize ending the Bagram prison may compel the US government to reduce the number of CIA agents and increase unemployment in our nation.

By the way, does this mean American citizens can not be detained by the US government due to “suspicious behavior?”