We Want YOU!

Some people win the lottery and become famous, some jump off a cliff, some have sex with Silvio Berlusconi and some send emails to the world.Edward Sn0wden has become the cover boy for every pseudo dictator on this planet. Vladimir Putin wants him in Russia and now Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela has offer asylum to the young man whose instant fame is driving the American government wild with anger. Ecuador’s foreign minister already has stated that Snowden wants asylum in his country, not your country. The question of the hour is whether Snowden is some place in Russia, on his way to Ecuador or hold up in a suite in Washington D.C. getting ready to be interviewed by Fox News.

The Obama adminstration makes folk heroes out of anyone who  reveals some huge “secret.” The glamorization of “leaders” simply makes them more attractive, not less. Reality is no major “secret” was revealed other than something anyone could have obtained on the Internet with some research.

Oh, Putin says he is at the airpot in Moscow. Who cares?