We Will Not Be Moved Say Chinese Gays!

It was just another ordinary day in Guangzhou, China as several men sat in a park chatting and laughing. They were not bothering anyone, simply enjoying a few hours of companionship. Suddenly, police arrived and told them to move on because, horror of horrors, these were GAY MEN! A policeman spoke sharply and said: “You just leave and don’t come back. This is People’s Park, not Homosexual Park.” Several men began to walk away as they had in the past, but a few became angry at the words. Xiao Mu, an activist, turned toward his friends and said: “that makes me mad. He was saying gays aren’t human. We have a right to be in this park.”

A group backed up his claim and dared the police to do anything. Others in the park who were not gays, came to the support of the young men and told the police to back off and leave them alone. For the first time, police moved away and allowed the gays to remain in the park.

Is this the first step on the road to freedom for Chinese gays?

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