We Won The Shoot Out AT Pak Corral!

As far as we Americans are concerned, there was a shoot out at the Pak Corral and our gun fighters killed the bad guys. They are dead and one of their bodies is now at the bottom of the Indian Ocean so there should be happy folk yelling and screaming and asking Sheriff Bad Boy Barack to remain in his job and kill all the other rustlers. But, for some reason, them folks at the Fox Corral see things different. They insist that Sheriff Obama did not do the shooting at the Pak Corral, but it was done by some other sheriff, whose name is somewhat unclear. Our deputies have returned home, but we cannot allow them to be greeted by gorgeous young gals who are ready to adorn their bodies with the beauty of sweet fair maidenhood. What is also sort of confusing is the folk we saved, them sad sacks from Pak land, do not seem mighty impressed by what we did. They are sort of restless and frisky like a bunch of cattle on a cloudy night with thunder coming up. Most likely they will stampede at the first sound of lightening in the sky.

These days, it is getting mighty sorrowful when it comes to getting rid of them damn rustlers and killers of innocent folk. It seems the good guys are made out to be the bad guys and the bad guys are coming across like the good guys. It makes a feller feel kind of sad and lonely after he risks his life to get the killers and gets yelled at by the folks he saved. Makes one wonder if it is time to mosey along and head off to some new range and fight some new bad guys.

Makes a feller wonder. What ever happened to the gold olde days of yonder when we good guys were the good guys??