“We Work, We Sweat, Put $15 On My Check”

There is some unsettling news in the United States of America. There is evidence that forces of Socialism and Communism are on the rise which seek to destroy the very fabric of our society. This nation was built on the backs of a few million folks who knew their lives were being bettered by an opportunity to be a slave. To be a slave meant they had food to eat and a nice little shack in which to live. OK, so a few lashes were part of the bargain, but everyone knows those were loving smacks to help the disaffected mend their ways of anger. A few thousand people are demonstrating outside the McDonald’s headquarters and it is increasingly clear these violent folk seek to destroy American capitalism. Just imagine, they are NOT grateful for the chance to make $7.40 an hour!!

Don Thompson, CEO who just received a $9.5 million package wants America to know that he thinks only of those who work at his company. “I find that McDonald’s provides more opportunity than any other company. We continue to believe that we pay fair and competitive wages.” After all, work for the Big Mac and one day you will be able to live in a nice shack. Let me point out that $7.40 an hour translates into $300 a week and $1200 A month! Just think how many Big Macs one could eat each month with $1200!

Don wants the world to know “My parents eat at McDonald’s and they are healthy.”

He ho, ho
$7.40 has to go!