Wealthy People Job Creation!

Recent figures released by the Department of Internal Revenue and the state of Wisconsin explain how the Romney  plan to create jobs will unfold. About 20,172 households in the United States of America reported incomes above $200,000 a year, but not a single penny went to any government in the form of taxes. For example, Diane Hendricks, the richest woman in Wisconsin who is worth over $2 billion did not pay a single dollar in taxes. Due to an intricate web of deductions and exemptions, those who have a good accountant or lawyer do not have to pay taxes like the rest of those dumb Americans.

Under the Mitt Romney plan of job creation, there will be hundreds, if not thousands of new jobs for accountants and lawyers to ensure wealthy folk do not pay taxes. These “job creators” increase the wealth of those who are wealthy which means wealthy folk have more opportunity to hire maids or butlers or purchase yachts. What better way than this to create jobs in America?

Oh, under the Obama tax plan, the top 1% of wealthy folk will be terrorized by being forced by the Socialist tyrants to pay another 5% in taxes!! Under the God fearing, Capitalist Mitt Romney, they will pay LESS money since their tax rate would drop by 8%.

Question: If there are wealthy folk who currently do not pay any taxes, if we drop their tax rate by 8% does that mean the Federal government will give them money? After all, they did create new maid jobs!