Weapons For All?

The war in Syria goes on and on and  on. Death has no discrimination between the bad or good guys, it simply reaps the reward of human folly. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius believes it is time for the European Union embargo on weapons to be lifted and supplies sent to Syrian rebels. “We must not militarize the conflict… but it’s obviously unacceptable that there are liberated zones and they’re bombed. We have to find a good balance.”

Sometimes in life there is no good balance, whatever one does raises different forms of problems. Fabius wants defensive arms while Russian Foreign Minister Alexander Lukashevich yells about international law which prevents arming those in rebellion against a government. France will recognize the new rebel government in order to find a way of sending arms.

Lost in this conflict is the reality that no one knows who eventually will gain control of the rebels. What if final power winds up in the arms of al-Qaeda? During the struggle in Afghanistan against Communist rule, the CIA supported the anti-Communist rebels which eventually led to the birth of the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Walk slowly and softly.