Weiner Words Of Wisdom

There is scant doubt that Anthony Weiner is a man of action. There is scant doubt when it comes to standing up straight and true, just ask Anthony if you want to know what is going on in the world of madness and fucking the people. He appeared on the Fox News show of SEan Hannity. The Weiner man offered incredible insights into the current impasse in Washington. I must admit to being impressed by his analysis of the situation: “people are playing with politics!? He went on with an explanation no one has yet made: “Playing a game of standoff with the economy, that’s a mistake.”

Tony told Sean that eventually, whether either party likes it or not, a solution must be found, “in the end.” He claimed that Fox News had low standards only to have Sean respond with, “you reaaly wanna talk about low standards.” I am still unclear as to what he referred to. Do you know?