Weiner’s Last Tweet

There are those who daily tweet and there are those who never tweet. But, alas, we have finally heard the last tweet of Congressman Anthony Weiner who signed off, not only from the world of tweet, but from the world of Congress. He again apologized, heard the voices of Democratic leaders, and was assured by President Obama that things would be better once tweeting was done with. The weiner man has accepted that his dog is cooked and it is time to move ahead, perhaps some position with Fox News which certainly is the leading porno business in America. After all, they collect used up politicians, Huckabee, Palin, Gingrich and any Republican who doesn’t know anything about the world outside their own mind. Anthony, we apologize for cooking your weinies, but we hope your decision is a signal for other politicians to leave the stage.

1. Sarah Palin might apologize for not having the faintest idea about foreign policy aside from her belief New York City is some foreign land.

2. Michele Bachmann could well express an apology for being clueless as to where Israel or Egypt are located in the world. Of course, there is always Cairo, Illinois which she knows about.

Anyway, Anthony, it was time to go.