Weiwei Worries China

The Chinese government is upset at Elton John, not because they dislike songs that emerge from his mouth, but words they find offensive. Elton John told Chinese authorities that his performance in Beijing last November was dedicated “to the spirit and talent of Ai Weiwei” a noted artist who has constantly bothered officials because of his belief in demcocracy. A State run newspaper in December commented on the “disrespectful” attitude of Elton John when he “forcibly added political content to the concert.” The paper insisted that if people in the audience had known politics would be part of the concert “many in the audience would not have come.”

Anyway, the Chinese government has identified a solution to the problem of musicians imposing their political ideas upon the people of this happy land. Culture Minister Cai Wu is considering requiring any foreign artist to possess  university degree. Sounds logical to me. I wonder since I am a college professor if I can book a tour in China?