Welcome Leakers

The essence of a free society in the presence of men and women who leak information to the media. The media, are then able to offer the public information that makes clear this or that government policy. In reality, no one is actually damaged since there are a handful of secrets worth any importance in a modern society. Some place,someone has learned the secret and the sooner secrets are known to the world, the sooner there are fewer secrets. We argue for revealing 99% secrets since only 1% of secrets are of any importance. We suggest;

1. Allowing secrets that reveal what Diplomat X or Y said to be openly shared.It will teach them to watch their tongue.

2. Military secrets which could lead to damage to those fighting should be off the table for the media.

3. Secrets about what the president said should be shared, and, in exchange comments from Republican leaders should be made known. This ensures equality of squealing.

4. Each month Republicans get a free pass to reveal something the President said about something, anything, that is.

5. Just remember, that every time we kill a Taliban leader, there is a meeting of Taliban leaders to select a new one. Within days everyone will know the name of the new leader. So, who cares if that name is leaked?