Welcome South Sudan To Planet Earth

The world welcomed a new nation a few months ago named, South Sudan. Prior to this event, South Sudan was part of Sudan, but the folks in Sudan are Muslim and those from the South are Christian and black skinned. There is the minor matter of something known as OIL. Most of the oil is down south,but to get the oil to market means going through the NORTHERN half which is known as Sudan. Of course, scattered among those living in the North and in the South are numerous small ethnic groups who are accustomed to being beaten or killed or have their women raped. Anyway, clusters of people are upset. In all honesty, it gets somewhat confusing who is upset at whom, and the bottom line is everyone who is angry is really interested in how to get money from the oil which is in the ground and must be extracted and sold to someone who needs oil.

The United Nations has sent troops. Hundreds of women are being raped, hundreds of bodies are being discovered in mass graves and UN forces simply lack the men or equipment to put down this rebellion. This holiday season in South Sudan, the words of Jesus will be overwhelmed by the words and actions of hate and violence.

Welcome to planet Earth, South Sudan. Just join in the fun of hate and violence. This will prove you are truly HUMANS!