Welcome To Karzailand

During the past half century the United States has repeatedly become involved in nations which are in turmoil and, all  too often, division within the society has resulted in a local thug and gangster gaining power. Hamid Karzai has never displayed any qualities of leading Afghanistan other than being able to ensure that his friends and family walk away with millions. After being compelled on more than one occasion to halt his graft by American military leaders, Karzai is now feeling the onset of new power. No more Americans preventing him from making gobs of money by handing out gobs of money to fellow grafters. He is currently furious that General James Mattis who placed Kam Air, on the blacklist of companies that have been engaged in drug trafficking.

Hey, didn’t this Mattis guy know those who head the airline are friends of Karzai? Time after time Karzai has intervened to protect his friends in crime. Heck the Bank of Kabul lost a few hundred million, anyone can lose a few bucks. Karzai is now happy, the Americans will soon depart and he can openly run this land as his personal fiefdom. Welcome to Karzai’s Corruptistan.

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