Welcome To Mugabeland Where Madness Is Reality

If anyone has a mental illness it might well be helpful to get the nearest airplane headed to Zimbabwe and spend a few weeks in Mugabeland. Robert Mugabe, the Wizard of Madness, rules the land by ensuring he always wins elections, particularly those in which he received fewer votes than his opponent. In Mugabeland, one is always happy and wealthy by accepting anything the Wizard does must be correct because since he is the all-knowing and wise wizard, he can not commit wrong. Mugabe lost the last presidential election and the Movement for Democratic Change’s candidate not only had more votes but the MDC gained a majority in parliament. No problem for the Wizard, just create crimes that MDC MPs never committed, charge them with being criminals and eject them from parliament. It is a guaranteed way to achieve a majority in the parliament.

Since MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, agreed to a coalition government in February, 16 MDC MPs have been charged with crimes, but for some unknown reason not a single member of the Mugabe Zanu-PF party has been charged with anything. To steal in Mugabeland it is not stealing if you are a member of the Zanu-PF. But, if you fail to pick up the litter in the street and happen to be a member of the MDC, you can be assured of a trip to jail, a beating, and back to jail for several months.

The Wizard of Zimbabwe is undoubtedly a wizard when it comes to brutality and oppression.