Welcome To “Overseas Contingency Operations”

Forget about any “war on terrorism.” The infamous Bush term which made absolutely no sense since one fights groups and individuals rather than abstractions has come to an end. The George Brush promise to fight terrorism “until every terrorist group of global search has been found, stopped and defeated” will never be since President Obama has decided this lofty goal could never be achieved, at least on planet Earth, and it must be supplanted with an expression that is closer to the target — “overseas contingency operations.” Obama dispatched an email informing everyone the “war on terror” has come to an end, let’s all get behind the “overseas contingency operation” which is must clearer and doable.

There is just one minor problem confronting President Obama. Does anyone who reads or writes in the English language have the faintest idea what is meant by “overseas contingency operation?” Anyway, if you happen to run across any one who is into “overseas contingency operations” grab hold of that person and send him directly to the White House.