Welcome To The Gulag!

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there was a nasty place called the Soviet Union. It was headed by a bad man named Joseph Stalin and if you got him angry, the bad man would send you far, far away to the frozen land of Siberia. Well, a good man  came along called Vladimir Putin who did have something to do with people in the land of Siberia but he got religion and decided to make certain everyone else got the same kind of religion. Well, three girls decided they wanted to make fun of this place called, religion. Much to their surprise the good religious people had them locked up and placed on trial where a good man decided to help them out with two years in cold fresh weather.

Two members of the anti-Putin Pussy Riot band have been sent to a prison colony in Siberia. Maria Alyokhina will wind up in the Ural mountains while Nadedzhda Tolokonnikova will spend a couple of years in Mordovia. There is something sickening about two young women forced to spend time in a penal colony because they “mocked” a church. I have a hunch that Jesus is weeping today at the so-called religious folk in Russia.

I wonder if Vladimir Putin will play Santa Claus this winter in Siberia.