Welcome To War With Taliban

American troops fighting in Afghanistan have encountered new variations in the art of war and fighting guerilla style. The insurgents have cell phones and radios but their approach to fighting western style armies bears some resemblance to fighting the armies of Alexander the Great. Taliban fighters shoot at the enemy, drop their weapons and walk into a crowd only to emerge later on planting a roadside bomb. Who is the enemy and how does one fight against Taliban who intermingle with civilians? They are patient warriors who might take a few days in order to plant in IED in order to make detection of their activities more difficult to halt. One day a man will drop off the explosives, the next day a different man will put in the charge and so on.

Technology can be of assistance to US and NATO soldiers such as drone planes that zoom in to kill an insurgent it spotted planting a roadside bomb or it can prove disastrous when the drone hits a civilian compound. Who knows if the man crouching in the darkness by a road is planting a bomb or going to the toilet?