We’re For It, Until You Were For It!

Republican party leaders boast of their love of America. They claim Democrats are not true Americans. I would assume that someone who loves America would sacrifice his own political ambitions in order to do what is best for the country. Alas, I forgot about Republicans. A high ranking Republican aide told Politico.com that Republicans were ready to vote on the compromise plan of the “Gang of Six” senators from both parties, but, Barack Obama caused them to hold back. His crime was agreeing with the compromise plan and praising its authors for seeking a compromise solution. According to this aide, the President “killed any chance of its success” because he embraced it. I continually fail to understand Tea Party thinking, they want America to be a successful nation–PROVIDED – that the nation embraces its economic philosophy.

Of course, it was Tea Party followers who supported the war in Iraq, who supported deficit spending under George Bush. Of course, once they realized any Democratic president, given the mess left by Bush, would not be able to balance the budget, they concluded the deficits THEY CREATED were un-American!