Were Nazism And Communism Equal In Horror?

The Confederation of European War Veterans(CEAC) passed a statement drawn up by the Estonian Frontline Soldier’s Association in which the two regimes of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were equalized in terms of brutality and oppression. The statement received unanimous agreement and were sent on to the European Parliament. Estonian soldiers fought both for the Soviet Union and for Nazi Germany. The Defense Minister of Estonia noted: “Estonia and its men fought on both sides of the frontline not for communism or fascism, but against both of them.”

The complex ethical and moral issues raised by World War II may appear distant from contemporary societies, but they must be addressed. To claim Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in World War II were equal in threats to humanity is a complete misreading of history. Nazi Germany launched attacks on Poland and Western Europe with the intention of gaining complete control of Europe and then most of the world. The Soviet Union piggy backed on the German invasion and took control of eastern Poland and then of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. But, there never was any Soviet Union plan to attack nations of western Europe. There was no Soviet equivalent of the Holocaust in which Nazi Germany intended to kill every Jew they could find as well as Gypsies and Gays. There may have been communist rhetoric about overthrowing capitalism, but the words were never translated into action. Nazi Germany was the threat to human existence and during World War II its forces killed over thirty million people.

The Soviet Union acted in brutal ways toward the people of Estonia, but to equate that behavior with the threat of Nazi Germany to the peace and security of the world is not in accord with history. The Defense Minister of Estonia fails to mention in his statement that Estonian troops assisted the Nazi German murder of thousands of innocent Jews. Estonian soldiers who fought in the Red Army did not kill Jews.

  • Jeugenen


    Adolf Hitler joined the immortals of history, as the wonderful National Socialist nemesis of the Marxists in Germany. Germany, thanks to Hitler is now the leading economic power in Europe; had Hitler not destroyed the Marxists in Germany, America could not have helped re-built Germany, as suggested by the fate of East Germany. And to Hitler America owes her victory in the Cold War against Marxist USSR.

    Every perceptive American patriot clearly understands why Ronald Reagan, representing America, paid the highest respects to Germany by visiting the famous Nazi cemetery at Bitburg; and why John Kennedy before him showed equally great honor. The notorious attempts by failed Marxists, Neo-Marxists, and America’s Crypto-Neo-Marxists to revise the history of World War II are transparently self-serving political propaganda that makes fools only of themselves.

  • john thames

    The answer to the essay is that no, Nazism and Communism were not equal in horror. Communism was a lot worse. The minimum kill total by the USSR was at least thirty million dead. That exceeds the supposed “six million” by five times. The article abounds in mis-statements of fact. It alleges that Nazism aimed to “conquer the world”. In fact, it aimed to conquer Soviet Russia-not the same thing at all. Communism, from the moment it came to power, pronounced its aims of world revolution. It staged bloody rebellions in Germany and Hungary as efforts to establish its dominance. In Hungary, according to Jewish authors themselves, 160 out of 200 commissars were Jews. The Soviet Union, as Viktor Suvorov has shown in Icebreaker, did indeed have an attack plan for western Europe in 1941. It was the German preventive attack which staved off that invasion. It is entirely understandable that Estonian soldiers killed Jews. The Jews were the commissars who tortured and murdered thousands of Estonians. Jews throughout Europe were enthusiastic supporters of the Jewish mass murder machine in Red Russia. Jews were not “innocent victims”. They were “guilty victims” getting a well deserved dose of their own medicine.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    1. You ignore that Stalin got rid of all Jews from leadership positions and in the late 1940s began the “Jewish Doctors Plot” which initiated widespread arrest and killing of Jews. Stalin banned Yiddish groups and most leaders were killed.
    2. Given the persecution of Jews in Czarist Russia, it is not surprising that some became Communists.
    3. You ignore the cooperation of Estonians with the Nazis in killing thousands of Jews.
    4. Only one Jew was a member of the Politburo during WWII. Any “mass murders” were carried out by Christians.
    5. Submit a single shred of evidence that “Jews throughout Europe were enthusiastic supporters of the Jewish mass murder regime in Red Russia.
    6. Your figures are completely inaccurate. Historians estimate about 27 million Russians were killed by the Nazis. Add in the death of a million gypsies, gays, priests, etc… Great Britain alone lost a million people.
    You are a sick ignorant person.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Stopsky:

    You are a lying Jewish bolshevik.

    Let me prove it by quoting your own reference works. Let us begin by examining “Dark Times, Dire Consequences: Jews and Communism” edited by Jonathan Frankel and Dan Diner, Oxford University Press. In this work, the various authors examine the very deep involvement of Jews in communism throughout the world, 1880-1950. One of the chapters describes a vast Communist press published in Yiddish throughout the western world. It includes such journals as “The Morning Freiheit”, “Der Hammer”, “Der Emes “, etc. If Jews had nothing to do with communism, whence came the Yiddish communist press which proliferated in the pre-WW2 years? Explain, please. Jews were everywhere in the gulag administration as top officials. Ever hear of Henrik Yaghoda, Mattvei and Boris Berman, Simon Firin, Lev Inzhir, Gregory Zhuk, Naftaly Frenkel, Isaac Rottenberg, Elizabeth Zerbin and all those other mass murderers, all of them Jewish, like you? Consult “The Jewish Century” by Yuri Slezkine, Princeton University Press or “The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State” by Professor Benjamin Ginsberg, University of Chicago Press for additional confirmation of who was running the Soviet mass murder machine.

    Jews were persecuted under the Czars? Actually, it was the Russian peasants who were being robbed blind by Jewish moneylenders and tavern owners. Care to guess who was kidnapping thousands of Russian and Polish girls and shipping them to the Zwi Migdal in Argentina to be prostitutes? I believe they were Jews, just like you. Read “Prostitution and Prejudice” by Edward Bristow for the facts, Jew bastard. So Joseph Stalin was mean to the Jews? That must have been after he installed killer Jews like Ana Pauker in Rumania, Matyas Rakosi in Hungary, Marcus Wolf in East Germany, etc.

    So I am a sick, ignorant person? I have some small regard for the truth; you have none.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    If you studied the history of the Soviet Union, you would know the Yiddish press and leaders were tolerated by Stalin during WWII. After the war most were killed or sent to the gulags.
    The only important member of the Politburo who was Jewish was Litvinov.
    Have you ever heard of the “Jewish Doctors Plot” when Stalin concluded Jewish doctors were trying to poison him and unleashed an anti-semitic campaign in the late forties?
    You apparently do not know the Czarist secret police wrote the famous “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” which is among the type of anti-semitic trash people like you read. You apparently never heard of the pogroms of 1905 which were begun by the secret police to divert attention from the defeat of Russia in the Russo-Japanese war.