“We’re Not Leaving!”

General  John Allen, top commander of US forces in Afghanistan made clear that if anyone thinks his soldiers are leaving the country, they are wrong. “If you have been waiting for us to go, we’re not leaving.” In theory, President Obama has promised that by next summer, only about 68,000 will be left in the country and all will be gone by 2014. Allen argues “this is work in progress,” but does not indicate when the finished product will be available to go on display.

Problems before departing:


1. The Taliban has safe havens in Pakistan and can simply wait for the last US?NATO troops to depart before returning to Afghanistan.

2. Will there be US “advisers” or will some US troops actually be engaged in fighting?

3. Will the corrupt regime of Hamid Karzai allow the semblance of a free election?

Tune in next summer for summer reruns of this show.