We’re Right, Not You!

After checking with Sarah Palin I made a phone call to the Big Guy up in the sky in oder to make certain that whatever I write is in accord with his views on human life. The big “G” man in the sky wants one and all to know that he would really like to see the American government actually functioning next year. However, at this point Democrats are arguing with Democrats and Republicans are in dispute with fellow Republicans. John Boehner burst out in frustration at the conservative Heritage Foundation because they jumped all over the proposed bipartisan compromise budget. He is furious they are denouncing the plan even even before knowing what the plan entails. “They’re using our members and they are using the American people for their own goals. This is ridiculous.!”

This is ridiculous? And, opposing medical care for 45 million people is not? Democrats are furious at refusal to extend unemployment benefits for those without jobs. I do understand that Fox News has proof that those without jobs simply want government handouts so they can sit at home watching TV. Boehner wants reductions to pay for those funds. But, REMEMBER, no raising taxes on the wealthy because if you do so, the will flea to another country!