West Bank Settlers Attack Mosques

My father was a little boy in Russia in 1905 when the famous pogroms began against Jews. Tsarist police stirred up anger and hatred against Jews in order to deflect popular anger against the stumbling bumbling Russian government which had lost the Russo-Japanese War. My father recalled mobs burning synagogues and beating up Jews as they exacted vengeance against innocent people for the fault of their own government. Fast forward to 2010 in the West Bank that should belong to Arabs but is occupied by Jewish settlers. The Israel defense establishment believes West Bank settlers are planning to vandalize mosques in order to create chaos and to make clear that any attempt to resolve Arab-Israel issues will be met by a “price tag” policy which seeks to use terror in order to achieve extremist settler demands.

The Palestinian Authority believes settlers were responsible for burning a mosque in the Nablus area and last December a mosque was torched by Jews in Yarat and another was spray painted in Hawara. I am glad my father never lived to witness Jews attacking innocent people in order to “send a message.” Actually, these are NOT Jews, they are people posing as Jews since there is no evidence they have any understanding of Jewish history. If they did, no mosque would or could be burned.