West Bank Settlers Defy Israel Army

The phenomenon of groups trapped in the past and unwilling to engage with issues of the 21st century is dramatically demonstrated by Israeli West Bank settlers who believe after seizing land from Palestinians, they alone have the right to live on it. In their view, God issued a proclamation which gave Jews exclusive possession of certain areas in the world. Of course, one can only wonder if God gave other people possession of certain lands, perhaps as part of His dividing up planet Earth into nations and peoples. Fourteen West Bank Rabbis and two dozen settlement leaders signed a statement urging people to defy Israel armed forces if they attempted to enter “their” land, apparently, West Bank settlers do not believe God gave the area to the Jewish people, but made clear His desire that only those presently occupying the land had possession. The statement called up the population to gather vehicles, “block the roadways and prevent troops from entering the area.”

After listening to these so-called “Jewish leaders” one is left wondering if “possession of land” means ownership is the norm, then why doesn’t the West Bank belong to Arabs who were in the area for hundreds of years. OOps, sorry, I forgot, God gave the land to Jews thousands of years ago, but allowed infidels to inhabit the area and now wants return to what He originally designed.

Question: Are you guys certain God won’t change His mind again?