West Papuans Murdered By Indonesians

West Papua is a place far away inhabited by people of whom we know little. Unfortunately, these people lack oil in their country so why would anyone in the western world give a damn what happens to them. They are ruled by Indonesia and several thousand inhabitants rallied to express their displeasure with being ruled by a colonial power which denied them basic rights. Security personnel(it is amusing how today we term thugs, “security personnel,” fired into the crowd killing several people and then arrested dozens.

The Indonesian Minister of Security, Djoko Suyanto, justified these murders on grounds his nation faced violence. “The police raided the rally because it was already considered a coup d’etat” and West Papuans refused to recognize the president of Indonesia as their president.

There are no reports of any West Papuans possessing weapons. A rather interesting coup d’etat without weapons.

  • Andrew Johnson

    Unfortunately West Papua had the world’s greatest gold deposit and the Americans had found out about it.  Our nations have caused the slaughter & denial of human rights in West Papua because of an illegal UN resolution in August 1962, UN General Assembly resolution 1752 (XVII).The American corporation Freeport wanted West Papua for it’s gold, copper, and other minerals. It is shameful that our nations voted in support of a transparent scheme to profit Freeport shareholders at the expense of the people of West Papua and it is long overdue that we demanded our governments allow the ICJ (International Court of Justice) to give it’s opinion on the legality of both resolution 1752 and the “New York Agreement”.