West Trains “Good Syrians”

Two civil wars are raging in Syria, one is against the brutal regime of  Bashar al-Assad and one is between opposing groups of rebels against his government.  Syrian rebel forces contain members of Islamist forces, members of al-Qaeda, secular groups which seek creation of a modern democratic government and rebels who are allied to one or another faction within the country. American and French soldiers are currently in Jordan to assist in the training of secular rebels who one day will  have to confront Islamists and al-Qaeda. Trainers are providing logistical and political and economic expertise in case they are needed.

It is quite probable that once Assad departs, open war will break out in Syria, city administrations will collapse and the need for trained personnel to run cities will be imperative. Most probably those  being trained by French and US troops will be among the first to enter Syria prepared to assume responsibility for rebuilding.

Civil War I most probably will lead to Civil War II.