West Will Not Surrender!

Allen West served his country as part of American forces fighting in Iraq and thus  regards himself as a man whose talents are now needed to ensure this nation gets back on the right track. He was a colonel, he is black, he is conservative, he is a fighter and, by God, he has the support of the billionaire Koch Brothers whose wealth at least should allow them to decide who rules the USA. Colonel West encountered a few problems while in Iraq that led to being disciplined, but that does not deter this hero. He is behind his opponent by 2,100 votes which translates –according to Tea Party math– into a stunning victory for democracy.

Mr. West is a foul mouthed individual who constantly insults the president and plays into every stereotype of the black man gone wild with anger. He lost, but he will not surrender to Muslim terrorists in America who are led by Barack Obama! West, continue fighting, all you do is prove to the people of Florida that, not only don’t you belong in the US Army, but also not in their fair state!