Western Shoot Outs In Albuquerque

It is increasingly clear the city of Albuquerque is determined to win the best city of the nation award offered by the National Rifle Association. The police in this city do not waste time with words when their guns can speak with greater authority and deadliness. Since 2010, according to the Justice Department, its police have shot 38 people and 24 are now dead. I assume the police do not want a shoot out at the OK Corral unless they do the shooting and you do the dying. The Justice Department has repeatedly warned police in this city to cease rushing into shoot outs and utilize force as the LAST resort, not the first!

This time the victim was a 19 year old woman, completely unarmed. Mary Hawkes is the daughter of a local judge and has encountered problems in her life since childhood. She has been charged with drinking in public, with shoplifting and was currently on probation for assault.The crime that led to death was stealing a truck. Albuquerque police do not take gently to such crimes, steal one truck and who knows, the next thing is to rob a bank and then get an assault weapon and blast away. The US Justice Department has repeatedly warned Albuquerque police to use force as the last resort.

The unarmed 19 year old is dead.