Wha’s New In Afghanistan?

There is only one certanty in the land of Afghanistan and that is DEATH. President George Bush introduced the latest version of the Death game but if one seeks the orgin, it is necessary to go back in time at least two thousand years.The land is brutal, the land makes for ease in fighting against some enemy and makes for difficulty defending against any group that wants to kill. The Afghan Taliban murdered six more men.The men were working on a program in western Herat that supposedly was aimed at developing new job sectors andto assist those living in rural areas to have knowledge and facilites to improve their lives. Talian insurgents dressed in Afghan army uniforms, stormed a court and proceeded to murder some men.

The only rational that makes any sense is the need to kill today. Taliban leaders insist they kill bad people from the West while western folk want to kill bad guys in order to bring law and order to areas lacking law and oder. Tomorrow will arrive in Afghanistan with one group or another proclaiming they are kiling in the name of peace. One wonders if eventually will arrive a time when there is no one left to kill someone in Afghanistan??